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Air Change Chart
Article: HEPA Filter
Capture Range of HEPA's
CDC Guidelines
Isolation Precautions
Negative & Positive Rooms
2010 Guidelines - Negative/Positive Room Construction Chart Negative & Positive Rooms
Omnidirectional vs Unidirectional
Particles Settling Time Chart
Relative Size Chart
SARS Information/
              Article by Associated Press 10/09/03
TB & HIV Information/ Articles Managing TB & HIV
TB Q&A Section

1 About the Disease
2 Transmission of the Disease
3 Controlling its Spread
    3a Containment Dilution by introduction of air from other sources
    3b Containment Dilution by removal with a HEPA* filter
    3c Containment Dilution by irradiation with UV lamps
    3d Containment Dilution by negative pressure
4 The MICROCON (MAP-800)* For TB Removal From Air

Typical Q&A for the ACCUSTAT® Room Pressure Monitor
Swine Flu: Your Questions Answered
H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)
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