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TB Questions and Answers - Section 3

Controlling Its Spread


To reduce the risk of transmitting tuberculosis bacteria, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the following approaches:

1. Prevent the generation of infectious droplet nuclei.

2. Prevent the spread of infectious droplet nuclei into general air circulation.

3. Reduce the number of infectious droplet nuclei in already contaminated air.

4. Clean, disinfect, and sterilize contaminated items.

5. Monitor TB transmission to health care facility personnel.

The remainder of this section focuses on the reduction of infectious droplet nuclei in already contaminated air. We will divide this section into four subdivisions as follows:

3a- Contaminant dilution by introducing air from other sources.

3b- Contaminant dilution by removal with HEPA filters.

3c- Contaminant dilution by irradiation with UV lamps.

3d- Contaminant containment by utilizing negative pressure.

-End of Section 3-

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