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This year Biological Controls celebrates its 35th year anniversary.

We have been recognized as one of the first companies to market and distribute products for clean room applications and contamination control back in 1973.

The industry was in its infancy and the concept of creating and maintaining clean and contamination free environments was alien to many industries. Major pharmaceutical, research, electronic component manufacturers, military and government agencies were just some of a cross section of customers we have serviced.

Starting essentially as a distributor of products for the last 20 years, the transition to design and manufacture was a giant leap for the company. In the early 90's, with the advent and resurgence of TB, the company took a different approach and direction in designing and building equipment specifically for airborne infection control applications. The first product to be developed was our MICROCON® 800 air purification system. Many months of engineering, and experimentation went into the design to finalize the product. The heart of the system was an absolute or HEPA filter, the same well established and proven filtration technology that had been utilized and embraced by the high tech and medical establishments. The location and process of air intake and exhaust was deemed critical to its functionality and uniqueness. When coupled with germicidal UV lamps, (UVGI),  which also had a long and established track record, the result was a system that was immediately embraced by the health care (healthcare) community for protection against airborne pathogens. Understandably, the MICROCON® 800 proved to be an immediate success.

The MICROCON® 800 was the first mobile air purifier introduced to address the safety concerns of Health Care (Healthcare) workers, the medical staff and caregivers working in hospital settings, where the risk and exposure to airborne pathogens was the greatest. The MICROCON® is unique in design and is the only product of its kind to be issued a US Patent. From the original MICROCON® 800 concept a full range of other products bearing the MICROCON® label have been introduced over the last 10-13 years.

The MICROCON® product line can be found today providing airborne infection protection throughout thousands of hospitals, medical facilities and clinic applications throughout the US and worldwide.

Air purification in every conceivable configuration, air pressure monitoring and creation of isolation rooms and enclosures are just some of the products we offer to the worldwide market.

Recent biohazard and bioterrorism threats offer us additional challenges as we start our 30th year. Fortunately, because of the breadth of our product line many products within our family are well suited to address those issues.

As we rose to the occasion in the past, we now rise to meet the challenge of 21st century airborne infection control.


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