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TB Questions and Answers - Section 4

The MICROCON® (MAP-800)* For TB Removal From Air


Q: What is the MICROCON® (MAP-800)?

A: The MICROCON® (MAP-800) is a portable air purifier which utilizes HEPA filtration and a unique air flow pattern to help eliminate TB bacteria from the air.

Q: How was the design for the MICROCON® (MAP-800) arrived at?

A: In July of 1991, BIOLOGICAL CONTROLS, INC. was approached by a group of NY City health care facilities and asked to design an air purifier specifically for the elimination of airborne TB bacillus.

Q: What features does the MICROCON® (MAP-800) employ which sets it apart from other air cleaners?


1. MICROCON® (MAP-800) is not simply an "air cleaner", it is an "air purifier". It utilizes a certified HEPA filter to accomplish an extremely high degree of air purification.

2. Minimum efficiency levels of 99.99% on 0.3 micron size particles.

3. The air is drawn in at the breathing zone for source capture.

4. Air is exhausted at floor level to create proper air mixing and dilution within the treated space.

5. The air intake and exhaust are separated by space sufficient to eliminate short circuiting.

6. A 360 degree CIRCUMFLO air pattern on both air intake and exhaust in order to treat the air from all areas of the space while enhancing air circulation.

7. High capacity air volume for maximum air changes within a treated space.

8. UV lamps for germicidal irradiation of bacteria.

9. Portability for source capture and flexibility of application.

10. Modular design for easy access to all components for service.

11. Heavy duty industrial design and construction for maximum durability.

12. Tamper resistant to protect the integrity of performance.

13. Economical for maximum affordability.

Q: Do I need a special power source for the MICROCON® (MAP-800)?

A: No! The MICROCON® (MAP-800) can plug into any common 120V outlet.

Q: Is it difficult to maintain or service the unit?

A: No. The unit is designed for easy filter maintenance. The fan and motor are the only moving parts of the unit and are designed to perform for extended periods of time without any maintenance.

Q: How often should I change the filters?

A: Under normal conditions, the pre-filters should be changed on a bi-monthly basis (monthly in severe environments). The HEPA filter should be changed based on the reading of a pressure gauge which will indicate when the filter needs to be replaced.

Q: Why do I need the pre-filter?

A: The main function of the pre-filter is not to remove TB from the air but to protect the HEPA filter. The pre-filter removes large particles from the air which would clog the more expensive HEPA filter, shortening its useful life and requiring more frequent replacement. Therefore, by protecting the HEPA filter you are keeping the cost of running this unit at a minimum.

Q: Will the MICROCON® (MAP-800) remove odors from the air?

A: The standard MICROCON® (MAP-800) is not designed for odor removal. However, a special filter module which includes an odor control filter, in addition to the HEPA filter, can be supplied.

Q: If the MICROCON® (MAP-800) is moved to a smaller room than the space in which it is currently being used, won't the amount of air being supplied too great?

A: The MICROCON® (MAP-800) comes standard with a fully adjustable speed control so that the air volume can be adjusted to the requirement for the room in which it is being used.

Q: Our facility is on a tight budget. Is it possible to lease these units?

A: Yes. Two and three year leases are available through the factory with a buy out option at the end of the lease.

Q: Our facility doesn't have anyone available to service the unit. Does the factory provide service?

A: Yes. Biological Controls, Inc. can provide a service contract for the filter replacements.

Q: If I have additional questions or need more information, whom can I contact?

A: You can write or phone Biological Controls at the address or number on this brochure. If you wish you may fill out the contact form on the website and we will get back to you ASAP.


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