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Hazardous Material Technologies Corporation (HMTC) was reatined by Biological Controls to test the effectiveness of the Microcon™ as an auxillary ventilation system in filtering a simulated airborne pathogenic organisms such as TB bacillus and the AIDS virus. HMTC was asked to test the Microcon’s ability to control an aitborne concentration of responsible particulate of 1-3 micron in diameter (see Appendix II for deatils information of particulate characteristics).

The Microcon™ is a portable self contained free standing air purification device. It is designed to function as an internal ventilation system capable of both filtration (99.97% of particulate > 0.3 microns in diameter) and disinfection of pathogenic species. The unit can be operated at any one three (3) flow rates.

The test method used consisted of generating an airborne particulate concentration with in the test rooms, in the range of 10-20 mg/M. The goal of the test was to determine the ability of the Microcon™ to remove airborne particulate from typical hospital environment under simulated operating conditions. All testing was performed in soon to be renovated section of Horton Hospital, Middletown, New York, on December 22,1992. The two test rooms used in the test were a special isolation room, and a patient residence room.

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