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Property and Evidence Rooms

  1. Will the unit remove the marijuana odor?

Yes, the MICROCON CD high efficiency air filtration system is specifically designed for the removal of both airborne particulate pollutants and gas phase contaminants, like those produced by stored marijuana. If the contraband is damp or wet when stored the risk of mold and fungi such as aspergillus forming and becoming airborne is very possible.

  1. We store items like bloody clothes, how will the unit handle that?

In situations where the stored items can contain infectious material, we recommend the MICROCON CD model with a hospital grade HEPA filter (MCD-H), or model (MCD-HUV) which contains both a HEPA filter and a germicidal UV lamp system. This can contain both bacteria as well as irradiate viruses.

  1. Our room is like a vault with a solid ceiling.  How can we install the unit?

The unit is factory equipped with eyehooks for suspending the unit from the ceiling. Some installations have placed the unit on a shelf.

  1. Who handles the installation of the unit?

Installation of the unit is usually handled by maintenance personnel, or an electrician, depending on local regulations. Typically, the installer will connect the unit to a wall switch for convenient activation.

  1. What is the advantage of having it ceiling mounted?

There are several advantages, but specifically when ceiling mounted it improves the intake of the noxious air into the unit and the redistribution of the purified air back into the room. This allows for better air distribution, air mixing and dilution. In tight room situations, it also doesn’t take up needed floor space.

  1. How many units will I need?

That will depend upon your room volume and layout. For example, in a room sized 5000 cubic feet (20’ W x 25’ L x 10’ H =  5000 cubic feet) one unit is enough to deliver 12 ACH (air changes per hour) on the high setting, or one complete air change every 6 minutes.  Contact our customer service department for assistance in determining performance, model, and placement recommendations.

  1. Do I need the UV lamp option?

Ultraviolet germicidal (UV) radiation in the 254-nanometer wavelength has proven effective in killing most types of airborne bacteria and viruses. If the evidence being stored has the potential of containing these airborne, sub-micron sized pathogens, then the UV component would be recommended.

  1. How often do the filters need replacing?

Change out times are determined by the amount of use, and the concentration of pollutants in the space. As a general rule, the life expectancy of the pre-filter is 4-6 months, and the final filter 12-24 months. Frequent renewal of the pre-filter extends the life of the final filter.  The UV lamps will operate approximately 8000 hours.

  1. What purpose do the carbon filters serve?

The carbon composite cells are designed specifically for remove of the gas phase pollutants.

  1. How soon can I expect to see a difference in air quality?

Improvement in air quality will be seen almost immediately after installation. The air quality will continually improve the longer the unit operates, then it will reach a level and stabilize. As the pollutants have virtually all been removed continuing operation maintains that acceptable level.

  1. How long have these units been available?

MICROCON CD units have been exclusively manufactured by Biological Controls, Inc. since 1999. They were used in various applications such as: public works and fleet maintenance buildings, smoking rooms, clinics, nursing homes, etc.  In 2007 queries from Property/Evidence room personnel led us to market the units for this application. We are very pleased with the positive feedback we receive from the Property/Evidence personnel who have installed their units.

  1. Do they have to run all the time?

The units should be running anytime the room is being accessed by personnel. If the room is only occupied in the daytime, then the units can be turned on several minutes before the room is open in the a.m. and then turned off in the p.m. when the room is no longer used. Due to conditions in the rooms, and hours of operation, some users have the units running 24/7. You can’t get enough clean air.   

  1. Can the units be put on a timer?

The units can certainly be put on a timer to activate before the room is accessed, and then shut off when the room is not longer in use.

  1. How much power does the unit take?

The unit can be connected to a 115V, 60Hz power source. It draws only 2.6 amps at 240 watts. An 8’ long grounded hospital grade power cord is attached to plug into a standard 3 prong electrical outlet.

  1. Can I adjust the capacity of the unit?

The MICROCON CD unit has a variable speed rate of 550 cfm to 1000 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Speed can be adjusted by the control knob.

  1. How easy is it to replace the filters?

Filter renewal is performed in-room from below the unit. Only a ¼” hexhead driver is needed to remove filter brackets when replacing the carbon cells.

  1. Where can I purchase the filters?

Replacement filters can be obtained from Biological Controls, Inc.  Contact the customer service department for current replacement price quotations. Filters were designed to ship via UPS so some deliveries can be made the following day.

  1. What is the warranty on the unit?

All parts and labor are covered for one year from date of purchase.

  1. How soon can I get a unit and how is it shipped?

We usually maintain an inventory of each model. When ordering, written confirmation is required and can be sent in via e-mail or fax. Most shipments are made within 2-3 days and are packaged and shipped on skids via common carrier.

  1. Does the unit affect the air temperature in the room?

The unit does not affect the heated or cooled air in the room. The unit draws the air in the room through the center inlet grille, passes it through the pre-filter, final filter, and over the UV lamps (if equipped), then through the carbon cells.  The purified air is then re-circulated back into the room through the multi-directional exhaust louvers. Since the MCD is re-circling purified air and creating air currents and breaking up stagnant air pockets, there will be a perception of the space being fresher and cooler during hot periods and warmer when cold.


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